Request a non-binding appraisal here or send us a list of your wines to be auctioned by e-mail, fax or post, stating your address:

Koppe & Partner Weinauktionen GmbH, An der Reeperbahn 6, 28217 Bremen, Germany


You will receive a non-binding and free estimate of your wines with a minimum starting price and a medium trade price. This estimate is accompanied by a contract with the planned auction date. Please check your wine stocks again carefully with the information on the estimate regarding quantity, vintage and wine name. If necessary, you can change quantities, add or delete items. Please return one signed copy of the contract and one signed copy of the appraisal to Koppe & Partner Weinauktionen GmbH at least 2 weeks before the auction starts.


Koppe & Partner Weinauktionen GmbH receives 10% of the auction proceeds and € 5,00 per lot, both amounts plus 19% VAT. Furthermore, an insurance fee of 1% of the minimum bid plus 19% VAT will be charged. Any transport costs incurred to our warehouse and any cardboard boxes provided will be charged separately.


Koppe & Partner Weinauktionen GmbH will contact you by telephone regarding your consignment. If required, we can provide you with shipping cartons. The delivery can optionally be made by you personally. Small quantities can be sent to us by DHL. Larger quantities can be collected by forwarding agent or in person at your request.

Warehouse + office address
Koppe & Partner Wine Auctions GmbH
An der Reeperbahn 6
28217 Bremen
Phone (+49) 421 242455
Fax (+49) 421 242359


Koppe & Partner Weinauktionen GmbH will pack your wines lot by lot after the incoming goods inspection. You will then receive a written confirmation of delivery and a lot classification of your wines.


On Monday after the auction you can call up the results on our homepage: You will receive a non-binding auction report with the knockdown results after the end of the post-auction sale.


Approx. 5 weeks after the auction you will receive the statement of account, the settlement of which will be made upon receipt.